Thursday, April 30, 2009

Professional Résumé Presentations by a CPRW

This is one service where you will receive the "total package". When you decide to contract Ms. Parker for your résumé preparation project, you will walk away ready to tackle the labor market of today with confidence in reaching your career goals.

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Why Can't I Get To The Interview?

Because -
The Typical Résumé Only Receives About 10-20 Seconds of Attention

You think that after all the time, effort, sweat equity and frustration you put into the preparation of your résumé, it will be received with open arms by the person or company representative you took the time to send it to. You picture the “target” individual opening up the email or envelope with anticipation, and their eyes opening wide, impressed beyond belief as they take their first look at the result of your efforts. You imagine them immediately putting your résumé first and foremost above other résumés, requirements and appointments. You see them spending valuable time reading and taking in each word of your objective, career history, and personal accomplishments; virtually marveling over the vast background of your history and career achievements. For hours after you submit your life on paper you bounce around with a renewed enthusiasm for the job search. You know for certain that within a day or so, you will receive a personal call for an interview, at which time you will jump for joy and spread the news that you are well on your way to snagging that job with “XYZ Company”.

If you are lucky, you won’t have to suffer the same disappointment as the other hundreds of job seekers who thought the same thing. After not hearing anything back from the “target” for a few days, you start to wonder if they received your résumé presentation. Then you call, or follow-up only to be told that it was received and is scheduled to be reviewed; or worse, that they will get back to you. Ouch!

Instead of beating yourself up at this point and falling into the pit of despair, it may be a good idea to hear from someone who cares that it isn’t “you”.

Many companies and corporations of all sizes employ human resource representatives, administrative assistants, secretaries, and other professional assistants to help them manage the multitudes of information and tasks that must be accomplished. Screening résumés will often fall into this category. Even when your résumé is addressed to a particular individual, it may fall in the hands of an employ tasked with identifying specific points of interest as dictated by the hiring authority.

If an employer places an ad for a job opening, or just has career information on their website; imagine how many other job seekers submit their résumé just like you. Then imagine how that appointed representative may have to review hundreds of résumés a week. Screening a résumé is an art, perfected by those who are charged with reviewing massive amounts of paperwork. The seasoned professional will tell you that if the résumé doesn’t portray the information they seek in the top third of the page, it probably will not make it to the next phase of the process. The same holds true for the résumés you submit through an online job assistance center. These résumés will be scanned by automated computer programs for content that most adequately matches or reflects the key words found in an employer’s job description.

Your résumé is just a tool for weeding out job seekers.

The best way to avoid the stress and frustration that résumé building can add to the job search is to contact a Career Development Professional as you set out to reach your career goals. A Professional Résumé Writer will work with you to establish a baseline résumé presentation in which you can build upon for future opportunities.

Consider that you don’t have to contact a professional résumé writer; as there are numerous programs and self help references available to assist you in creating a résumé presentation. If you have access to a computer; are familiar with word processing and have a way with words, you may be able to develop a résumé that gets the job done; but how effective and quickly the product works for your situation may be the drawback. A Professional Résumé Writer is an expert in their career field, and they maintain relationships with a variety of personnel in the employment industry; to include human resource representatives, employers, and other career development professionals. Knowing what the current labor market trends are, and how to help a job seeker stand out above and beyond the competition is their area of expertise, and a resource you would be wise to consider.

By contacting a professional, you can be sure that your investment will reap rewards and that you will receive the expert assistance you need to achieve your personal career goals. In addition, you will receive a well written document that is designed to portray your value to a prospective employer, lead to an interview; and serves as a solid base for revisions as you continue down your career path.

Lisa Parker, CPRW, CEIP is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer, Employment Interview Professional and Owner of Parker-CPRW. In addition, Ms. Parker is a current Member of The Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches.